STICK TO WEED, MILEY: Pop Tart Slams Hunters, Proves She Knows Squat About Conservation

Written by Gayne C. Young on September 22, 2015

Child star.

S & M model.


Wildlife biologist.

Yep, apparently Miley Cyrus has added the later to her list of noted professions.

How else, if she wasn’t a zoologist, would she know the best and most scientifically based method of managing animals such as bears and wolves?

I mean, certainly she’s not just speaking out of her butt.

Well, based on what she’s done with that butt in the past…

Miley took to Facebook recently to share with fans that, “WE ARE THESE ANIMALS” and that trophy hunting is bad and should be stopped. Other shared nuggets of wisdom include, “What separates us from the animals and the land we want to protect is our vocal ability and freedom of speech,” “I have quite the grizzly foot fetish!” and wolves are just like people because they, “sing such beautiful songs calling out for one another.”

Ok, so maybe she’s not a wildlife biologist.

Maybe she’s a philosopher.

Regardless, her call to ban trophy hunting isn’t based on anything other than a knee jerk reaction and feelings – not scientifically proven management tactics.

Keep to the shock modeling Miley.

You’re better at that.

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