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TENNESSEE PASTOR: Is Telling Kids to Rebel Against Islam In Their Schools and We Love It

This Pastor isn’t taking Islam lightly when it comes to students learning it in their public school. This needs to be sent to every parent in America.

A Mt. Juliet pastor went on video with concerns Wilson County Schools is indoctrinating and brainwashing students with Islam through its curriculum, which generated a denial by the district on its Facebook page.

Pastor Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church filmed the video in front of West Wilson Middle School, which was posted on his Facebook page. The video was also on the Parents of Wilson County Schools page.

Locke said church families were concerned and upset about middle school students being taught “a half-page of watered down Christianity,” in sixth grade and then are taught 28 pages of Islamic curriculum.

“We have a number of our families at our church that are really upset and up and arms over all of this new Islamic indoctrination in our public school system,” Locke said early in the video. Later he states: “That is nothing more than absolute brainwashing of religion and we’re not going to stand for it.”

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