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TRUMP: Just Announced Something BIG About His Plans – Will Others Do the Same?

by Dave Grigger

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump just proved, again, that he can’t be bought.

Trump announced yesterday that he would decline the presidential $400,000 a year salary, were he elected, putting the money right back into taxpayer’s pockets. It’s a move that puts him head and shoulders above his competition.

Trump’s decision to decline a salary has at least one other precedent – George Washington, the founding father himself. Until Thursday, however, the move hasn’t been repeated.

As Obama’s socialist government grows ever bigger and bloated, at least one candidate has the courage to put his money where his mouth is. Will the other candidates follow suit?

Not likely – in fact, most of them are having money troubles of their own. Ben Carson spent 9 million at a fundraiser that only raised 12 million. Jeb can’t even keep track of how much his wife is spending.

The Democratic candidates, as usual, are a cut above – Hillary’s campaign spends over $200,000 a day. Bernie Sanders, an outspoken communist, plans on increasing the already bloated federal government by over 18 billion dollars.

King Obama presides over the largest government expansion in history, with more golf and vacation time to his name than all his predecessors.

Trump, on the other hand, is cutting spending even before receiving the nomination. Do you support this move by the Donald?

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