TRUMP PUTS POPE ON BLAST: While Other ‘GOP Leaders’ Tread Lightly

Published on September 25, 2015

By Dave Grigger

Donald Trump gave a voice to true conservatives yet again on Thursday, calling out Pope Francis for spreading fear through global warming hype.

While other conservative politicians, notably Jeb Bush and Rick Santorum, have disagreed with the pope on climate change before, Trump’s words were far more direct, forceful, and to the point than any other Republican candidates’.

In a nutshell: it’s the weather, stupid.

Trump, of course, wasn’t disrespectful. But while other conservatives gave more gentle responses to Francis, feebly exhorting him to stick with his area of expertise, Donald hit back with a firm ‘no.’ His answer at once highlighted the flimsy science behind global warming, as well as the media hype that gives it power.

“It’s weather. We have bad floods. Every time you turn on the evening news, they show there’s a big rain storm, there’s a tornado,” Trump told CNN. He followed up with a brilliant and simple summary of the dangers of global warming regulation, pointing out that it hurts the middle and lower classes hardest, killing jobs and stifling the economy in the very spots where people need the most help.

Trump’s ability to bring sideshow issues back to what really matters for America is yet another sign that he cannot be bought or swayed by trends or popular opinion. Do you think other candidates will follow his example?

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