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TRUMP STANDS HIS GROUND: And Turns This Question Around Against Obama

by Dave Grigger

Donald Trump isn’t backing down an inch after several recent attacks in the liberal media.

Trump has faced heavy criticism for allowing an audience member to call Barack Obama a Muslim during a rally last Thursday. Even though the member’s comment wasn’t central to his question, several in media – and even conservative candidates – have cast scorn upon Trump for refusing to call Obama a Christian.

Trump’s response has been nothing short of brilliant. Rather than defending, or renouncing, his actions, he turned the question upon Obama himself.

“Obama is waging a war against Christians in this country,” he quickly responded. “They need support, and their religious liberty is at stake.”

The best defense is a good offense. Trump’s business sense may be serving him well here – better to play by your own rules rather than the rules of your opponent. By keeping the focus where it should be – dwindling religious freedom for Christians in a country ruled more and more by people who would oppress them – Donald is proving he knows what matters.

It’s a pity others don’t know that, as well. Even Chris Christie fell in line with liberal talking heads, and called upon Trump to correct the question. Trump’s lead in the polls should make him reconsider.

Obama and the media want to use this incident as a way to attack Trump. He’s turned it on his attackers. Do you think he’s right?

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