VERY DISTURBING: What You Need to Know About Europe’s Immigration Crisis

Written by Kenn Daily on September 12, 2015

Things you need to know about Europe’s immigration crisis.

1. They’re not refugees. They are insurgents.
A matter of semantics? Not really.
An insurgent is one who uses force against legal authorities. A refugee seeks little more than safety.
Watch the violent scenes I cobbled together in my short video, The Displacement of Western Civilization — In Real Time,  then ask yourself, “Are these people insurgents or refugees?”
2. 90 percent have no IDs.
Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald reported that 90 percent of those arriving in Serbia via Macedonia are undocumented. That is, they claim they are fleeing Syria, but they have no identification to support their claims.
Authorities report finding discarded ID cards belonging to insurgents from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and elsewhere.
3. Legitimate Syrian insurgents are selective.
Many insurgents are, in fact, fleeing Syria. However, they traverse through Macedonia, Greece, or Hungary and proceed to Germany, Sweden, and Britain where they are endowed with generous welfare benefits.
4. They’re not fleeing starvation.
News images reveal well-fed and well-dressed insurgents toting smart phones and trendy backpacks. They hardly resemble the rag-tag refugees who fled Ireland’s 19th-century potato famine.
Some media report insurgents using GPS enabled smart phones to navigate from Turkey to Western Europe. 
Many claim to have paid smugglers well over $1,200 to get them into Europe. Where do thousands of starving Syrians each get $1,200 expendable cash?
5. Left-leaning politicians welcome the insurgents.
Largely uneducated, unemployable, and government dependent, the insurgents will bond with leftist politicians eager to exchange the tax dollars of ethnic Europeans for the votes of insurgent Muslims.
As Democrats in the United States welcome illegal aliens from Latin America, leftist politicians understand the hordes of insurgents from the Middle East will support politicians who dole out government programs.
The “far right” in Europe is surging. Leftists are desperate to take drastic actions to secure their control of governments, even if it means destroying Europe’s ancient culture.
6. Oil-rich Arab states are accepting no “refugees”.
Are Arab nations shunning refugees? Or are refugees shunning Arab nations? While some Islamic nations have accepted legitimate Syrian refugees, many have received none.
Why? Because there is no need for Islamic insurgents to invade Islamic nations.
Among those Arab nations with no Syrian refugees crossing their borders are Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain.
Europe is the primary destination. Germany, alone, is accepting 800,000 insurgents this year alone.
7. ISIS promised to infiltrate the “migrants”
Are Islamic terrorists infiltrating the insurgent hordes?
Of course they are.
The acceptance of insurgents in the name of compassionate diversity makes airport screening moot. Terrorists don’t need to slip past airport security. They simply flood past helpless border guards.
8. Many are illiterate and have no concept of Western values.
There is no plan for assimilation. Rather, Europeans are expected to be culturally sensitive to Islamic invaders.
You may have noticed that, even in America, there are sensitivity classes designed to teach us to tolerate them, but no sensibility classes teaching them to assimilate with us.
Australia may the sole exception. At least that nation requires immigrants to read a handbook on Western culture that reads, in part, “Australians use tongs to handle food, do not blow their nose on to the footpath and say ‘Yes please’ if they would like a cup of tea.”
How odd. The far-left of Europe is embracing the most intolerant culture on earth in the name of tolerance.
9. The crisis is not new.
The Middle East has been in a perennial state of turmoil since the founding of Islam 1,400 years ago. The current tsunami of insurgents is not due to conflict and poverty. Rather, it’s due to open borders, welcome mats, and politicians willing to sell votes in exchange for welfare benefits.
Likewise, the constant status of crime, corruption, and poverty has existed in Latin America for generations. Only in recent years have aliens swarmed across our Southern border.
10. It’s by design.
Clearly, the displacement of Western culture in Europe and the United States is neither accident or coincidence. Rather, it is a calculated effort to remove the economic disparity that exist between Western civilization and Third-world nations.
The intent is to merge the two disparate cultures into one.
The end game will be the displacement of Western culture and the introduction of a paleolithic dark ages from which humanity may never emerge.

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Kenn Daily
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