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WHAT IF: A White Baptist Boy Brought A ‘Clock’ That Looked Like A Bomb To School?

If a white Baptist kid named Wedge Figgus rocked up to his High School’s Show-N-Tell last week with a briefcase full of circuit boards, wires and timers that looked nada like a frickin’ clock, the following chain-reaction, more than likely, would’ve been set into irrevocable motion:

1. Wedge would’ve been night-sticked into next week by the #BlackLivesMatter school cop at the behest of the lesbian/communist principal. If not that, Wedge definitely would’ve been bounced out of that school until the media had finished totally ruining his and his family’s life.  Speaking of the media …

2. The presumption of Wedge’s guilt, especially on The Today Show, would be more prevalent than the presence of the new “Gay Doritos” at Rosie O’Donnell’s annual “Big Gut Girl” Pool Party.

3. CNN would be running non-stop loops about how “white devils suck” and how “Christianity, by it’s very nature, spawns terrorism.” In addition, FOX NEWS’ Shepard Smith would say “Crusades” 53,789 times in just one week.

4. An overexcited Al Sharpton, being stimulated by the massive opportunity of picking an abundance of white, low-hanging, money-making fruit for his fake-ass non-profit, would drop his Dippity-Do in his bathroom and then slip on it, breaking his skinny, old arm on the gold toilet that his “non-profit” bought him, “forcing” him to file a civil suit against Figuss’s family for causing him emotional and physical harm.

5. Hillary would blame Wedge’s actions on an obscure Christian YouTube movie produced by Kirk Cameron.

6. And lastly, you can bet your last buck with great confidence that Obama definitely would not have invited this little Mr. Gadget to hang out with him in the same Oval Office where Bill boinked Monica.

Yep, if some “creepy-ass, teen-aged, Baptist cracka” would’ve done what the young Muslim, Ahmed Mohamed, did last week by bringing a very bomb-looking “clock” to class there would have been anti-Christian hell to pay. Wedge certainly would not have been hailed by Obama in a tweet and lauded by celebrities as this Muslim teen has been.

If you think I’m full of crap, hearken way back to March 2013 when white little John Welch, a 2nd-grader at Park Elementary in Baltimore, got expelled for two days because his teacher thought he shaped a strawberry, pre-baked, toasted pastry into a gun.

That said, I have some real problems with the Muslim “clock boy” crap. They’re similar to probs my buddy Ron has with it. He vented on Facebook about this ridiculous circus. Check it out …

From Ron:

First off, the kid shouldn’t be in jail, but his parents should. Regardless of your skin color, nationality, or faith, who in their right mind lets their child go to school with a briefcase filled with circuit boards, wires, and timers?

That’s setting your child up for something bad to happen to him, and his parents knew it. Islamist parents, though, really aren’t too concerned with the welfare of their own kids.

Awww … but he’s just an innocent little guy who liked to experiment with electronics, you say!


You can walk into any Radio Shack or look online to get real electronics “experiment” or “project” kits. Something so simple could have fit on an electronic “breadboard” (look it up) no bigger than a book.

This was set up so that the rightful and proper response of the school and police could be used to claim “victim-hood” and “Islamophobia” for this little pawn.

This is how Islamists take advantage of the tolerance of Western Civilization. They conduct suspicious acts to see how people will react (on planes, on the street, in schools, in malls) and then cry “racism” and “Islamophobia” if they get in trouble. If they don’t get caught, then they know what they can get away with. If they do get caught, their false cries of bigotry shame those around them into ignoring their suspicious activities — at their own peril. The media coverage of yesterday’s “rally” in support of him shows every element of these tactics.

Irving has become a ground-zero for Islamism to try to embed themselves. Their self-appointed “sharia court” was rightfully shut down by the city council, and now they’re going to make Irving pay. Thankfully for Irving, they have a mayor and city council with backbone. Let’s hope your city does when the Islamists try to move in. Otherwise, you can look to the Islamic ghettos of Europe to see your future.

This little “victim” will end up at a madrasa, paid for by all of the fools who are donating money to him — where he’ll eventually learn to build the real thing.

Dismiss me as an ignorant bigot, if you like … those who know me well, know better. Defriend me if you wish … but the fools of our nation need to wake up and smell the halal. Debate me if you wish, but I can and will back up everything I’ve stated.

So … do you a) think a Christian kid would have been cut as much slack and been given the praise that Ahmed garnered; and b) do you think Ron’s assessment of the situation is straight up goofy or spot on?


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Doug Giles

Doug Giles is Pastor of Liberty Fellowship in Wimberley, TX, and is the founder of (290M+ page views). Giles is also the author of the NEW book, The Wildman Devotional: A 50 Day Devotional For Men. Follow Doug on Instagram and Truth Social at @thegilesway and on Twitter @TheArtOfDoug.

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