Written by Doc Holiday on September 8, 2015

Here in America we come from a long line of rough and tumble men. George Washington, Nathan Hale, Teddy Roosevelt, John Wayne, and Chesty Puller are all models of what a real man is. In America we believe in women’s rights, an idea lost on most of the Islamic world, but we still always have had an image of the quintessential man. Boys are taught from a young age to stick up for yourself and ladies, whether you know them or not. It is immortalized in the Kenny Rogers song “Coward of The County”. The famous line from the ending is “Sometimes you gotta fight when you’re a man.” This is a common theme in America and this is one reason why we have never been invaded. We are known as a nation that will defend every single inch of land with blood if need be.

Now when we examine our Islamic and Arab counterparts it seems they are not so eager to pick up a weapon and defend their women and homelands. As I look at all the crowds of refugees flooding into Europe, one thing in particular stuck out to me, it is all military aged males. Sure there are some old women and children peppered in here and there, but by and large it’s all military aged males. They are flooding in by the thousands and all the Doc can sit here and wonder is, “There is an entire army here.”

If these men weren’t such pussies they wouldn’t need to flee to other countries and cause a mass humanitarian crisis. If America was experiencing radicalism like these refugee countries we would pick up our guns and put it down quickly. But instead they choose to run and hide like the little girls.

This is not a new problem for Islamic and Arab men. This is a recurring theme in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have all seen the failures of new Afghani Army as well as the Iraqi Army. They are lazy and, according to our troops, they are the first ones to turn and run in a firefight. If you examine the rise of ISIS you will see that the cowardice of the Iraqi military hastened the rise of this group and the speed at which they took over large swaths of Iraq.

Iraq had every advantage and still their troops fled. They had all new weaponry, uniforms and the best technology available, all furnished by the most power military superpower in the history of the world. Yet at the first sign of trouble, they stripped naked leaving those brand new uniforms, vehicles, and weapons behind. These are the same uniforms, vehicles, and weapons that are now being used by ISIS by the way.

This shows us that the best gear is not a substitute for balls. In America we would be fighting with sticks to the last man if the situation called for it, however in the Middle East and North Africa they can’t seem to muster courage with the latest military technology.

Finally this speaks to a larger problem within the region. I find myself thinking that if these men, who are famously misogynistic and have enough machismo to last everyone a life time, were to rise up against militant Islam, it would be crushed in a year tops. However, they are cowards and they want us to spill our blood dealing with their problems.
I think it is time to force these Middle Eastern and North African countries to fight their own battle. We did it less than three hundred years ago and with far worse odds. Our enemy was the world predominate superpower at the time. Today these men would be facing a militia with limited resources and the support of the Western world if they would only find the balls to fight. But the truth is they won’t.

Let me leave you with a quote from one of my favorite miniseries, Generation Kill. These Marines are standing on a street in Iraq and observe that all the women are working hard while the men are lying around and complaining. One Marine looks to the other and says, “Brah, if we fight the women instead of the men, we’d get our asses kicked.”

Doc Out!

Image; http://1cgiran.wikispaces.com/Citizens%2C+Society%2C+and+the+State

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Doc Holiday
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