IF THE TEA PARTY: Hated Cops and White Devils, The Media Would Love Them

Written by Rad Magnum on September 2, 2015

The violent rhetoric of the #BlackLivesMatter movement is escalating rapidly, and Democrats are fully on board.

Last weekend, protesters in Minnesota chanted “Pigs in a Blanket, fry ‘em like bacon!” in reference to police officers.

In Texas, the New Black Panthers chanted “Off the pigs!” and issued a dire warning to police officers during a rally: “You’re gonna stop doing what you’re doing, or we will start creeping up on you in the darkness.”

And during an internet broadcast, a black man calling himself “King Noble” declared an “open season on killing whites and white police officers,” and called it “funny” that “now we are moving to a time where the predator will become the prey.”

Democrats are stubbornly resisting the idea that the rhetoric could possibly be at fault for murders such as the cases of Deputy Sheriff Darren Goforth or news reporter Alison Parker.

But that wasn’t their tune back in 2011.

Thank heavens for FOX News finally calling out democrats on their hypocrisy. Watch the video for yourself and discover just how easily democrats flip flop when it suits them. This will absolutely infuriate you.


See how quick Democrats were to blame the 2011 shooting of Gabby Giffords on Tea Party protesters? They barely took a breath! And let me tell you, Tea Party rhetoric was nothing compared to the murderous ranting of the #BlackLivesMatter crowd.

But there’s no sign of admonishment from democrats for the violent rhetoric being used today. To the contrary, the DNC passed a resolution giving full support to the #BlackLivesMatter movement and all that it stands for.

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