A CONCEALED HANDGUN: Is ‘Peace Through Strength’ For The Common Man

Written by Wes Walker on October 6, 2015

If nothing else, we can call Obama consistent.

Have you noticed that the most infuriating things about the President’s foreign policy, and his domestic agenda have the same end-game?

When we look at his foreign policy, what do we see? We see someone who watched a NATO ally get invaded by our old Cold War adversary… and did nothing to interfere.

He publicly blessed the “Arab Spring” and cheered its spread.

He’s reestablished relations with Cuba and Iran, while instructing US officials not to attend Netanyahu’s UN Address.

In short? The strategy seems to be: embolden our adversaries, and fail our friends.

What about domestically? He tends to be on the wrong side of those issues, too.

From as early as the “Beer Summit” he demonstrated his startling tendency to make judgments about right and wrong, absent any relevant facts. “If I had a son…”

His pattern? Be sympathetic to recognized Progressive darlings, and conveniently forget the presumption of innocence for the rest.

Now we’ve got gun violence. Who is to blame? The NRA and lawful gun owners (naturally). All these shootings are their fault.

Pay no attention to gang-bangers slaughtering victims almost at will in cities with the strictest gun regulations. We need to target lawful gun ownership.

That’s pretty rich, coming from the team whose resume includes the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal.

Curtail gun ownership among law abiding citizens, but sell guns to drug dealers in Mexico. Brilliant.

Which takes us to where Domestic and Foreign policy overlap.

The personal firearm and the strong military are both tools of the same goal: Project credible strength, so that actually administering lethal force becomes unnecessary.

We already know this is true. What happens when the nation or neighbour with evil intent believes you lack either the tools, or else the will to oppose him? The answer is obvious.

He will act with impunity, daring you to stop him. He will force your hand; will MAKE you stop him — usually paying a high price in the process.

What happens when he sees that you do not lack either of those things? It will make him think twice before tangling with you.

Notice how the guy with the Doberman isn’t bothered by trespassers? That’s the same principle in action.

So here we have the recipient of a Peace Prize, signaling weakness to regimes with dubious, or even hostile intent, all while telling Americans that he intends to confiscate the very tools responsible citizens use to stop bad men.

All in the name of “making us safer”.

Hero Chris Mintz took seven bullets while challenging that UCC shooter. How many would still be alive today if someone like Chris had a weapon?

Good citizens like Chris are the ones Obama’s utopia would ultimately disarm. The psychos? They have an annoying tendency of disregarding such laws in the first place.

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