ALLAH’S ‘MIGHTY SOLDIERS’: ISIS Fighters Cut Off THIS And Run Away As Russia Closes In

Published on October 17, 2015

So much for being ‘Allah’s mighty soldiers’ – ISIS members are nothing more than cowards.

ISIL fighters appear to be shaving off their beards before fleeing to Turkey to escape Russian airstrikes.

Hundreds of ISIL fighters are fleeing Syria for Turkey, as Russia’s Defense Ministry previously said, and reports are popping up that they are leaving their beards behind.

The photos released on social media show large numbers of cut-off beards lying on the ground, intermixed with razors.

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry, as many as 100 fighters are leaving Syria for Turkey every day. Al-Nusra Front fighters are said to have made their way into Turkey via the Reyhanli crossing while ISIL fighters flee north through Jarabulus.

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