BRING IT ON: Why The Washington Establishment Hates and Fears Ted Cruz

Written by John Tutten on October 25, 2015

You can always tell when the Washington statists really fear something. They become like jackals on a carcass in the savannah, tearing and ripping at it until there is nothing left. Anything or anyone that might upset the symbiosis between the political hacks and their corporate cronies must be eliminated. After all, they worked very hard to put this self-serving, freedom killing mechanism in place. No idea or outsider can be allowed to interfere with the unending orgy of money and power.

There really is just one party in Washington today. Yes, we still have Democrats and Republicans, but when it comes to the party establishments, they share what is the most important goal for each – keep the money and power growing inside the beltway. The Republicans are in lock step with the Dem’s, just following a few steps behind.

The Democrats’ low information constituency has drunk the Kool-Aid and will obediently pull the “D” lever no matter what. The Republicans, though, still have to pay lip service to smaller government, balanced budgets, adherence to the Constitution, etc., you know all that antiquated eighteenth century stuff. They still need our votes so they can have the committee leadership positions and then can facilitate everything the Dems want. They don’t care where the country is headed; they just want to be behind the wheel.

Which then brings us to Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. Can there be a more hated man inside the beltway? I don’t think so. Cruz has a clear record of speaking truth to power. Whether it’s defending our religious liberty or our Second Amendment rights or standing up against Obama’s disastrous Iran nuclear weapons treaty, Senator Cruz has been the clearest voice of truth and justice in a government that has forgotten both. Cruz is the only candidate that has actually done what the rest of the Republican field says they will do – “stand up to Washington”.

Cruz’ presidential campaign so far has him in the fourth or fifth position in the national polls. The Republican establishment and the media have decided up until now to ignore the senator. His time at the two Republican debates was significantly lower than his poll position would demand and the time he did get was later in the debates.

However, the time of ignoring the senator hoping his campaign would fade away appears to be over. That’s because the senator’s presidential efforts are building momentum, gaining committed followers and money at a rate that makes statists’ blood run cold.

Recently at the “New Hampshire 603 Alliance” meeting of the state’s conservative leaders, Cruz won their straw poll with 72% of the vote. A month ago at the FreedomWorks convention in Florida, the home of Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush, Cruz won their straw poll with 42% of the vote. And at the Values Voters summit two weeks later, Cruz won their straw poll with 35% of the vote.

Maybe these results are the reason former president, George W. Bush, had to break with the “ignoring Cruz” strategy and directly attack the senator. At a fundraiser for his brother, Jeb, last weekend G.W. made clear that of all the candidates running, Cruz is the one that he really disliked. Bush characterized the senator as “opportunistic and self-serving” and that he just didn’t like him. Have you heard the former president say anything critical of our current train wreck of a president? I sure haven’t, but a solid, freedom loving conservative, well that what’s prompts Bush to attack. This shows how the establishment is threatened by the senator’s campaign.

Senator Cruz has also been very savvy in how he has managed the Donald Trump phenomenon. While Jeb Bush continues to allow himself to be baited by Trump and end up looking sluggish, inarticulate, and weak, Cruz has stayed out of the high school lunchroom food fights. In fact, Cruz appears to be drafting Trump like a NASCAR pro.

The dynamic between the two candidates does make me wonder if there might not be some cooperation being effected. Despite how well Trump is doing in the polls and how right now it certainly looks like he can lock up the nomination, I just get the feeling that Trump really doesn’t want to be president. I just can’t see him slogging through all of the policy decisions and bureaucratic molasses day-in and day-out. I can see him reveling in delivering the nomination to a staunch conservative who can return our country to the greatness Trump so often speaks about.

One thing is for sure. The surest indicator of who is the best candidate for the future of our constitutional republic is the one the Washington establishment fears the most. I believe that’s Ted Cruz.

It’s clear now that by delivering a Republican controlled Congress we cannot stop Washington’s accelerating drive towards totalitarian statism. Congress is a major part of the problem, whether controlled by Democrats or Republicans. It will take a courageous, steel-spined, conservative president to wrest control of our government from the Washington cartel and return it to we the people. I believe Ted Cruz is the one candidate that can do this.


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John Tutten
John Tutten holds degrees in both engineering and business management. He is veteran of thirty-three years in the high technology business world where he spent time in development engineering and technology management predominantly in the area of custom semiconductor circuits. He recently retired to the mountains of north Georgia where he devotes his time to the study of Christian Apologetics and writing in defense of the Christian worldview.