CHARLIE DANIELS: Utterly Destroys Dems, Socialism and Bernie In This MUST READ Rant

Published on October 29, 2015

Charlie Daniels never ceases to drop truth bombs on liberals in the most epic way possible. This time he sears the socialists…and it is nothing short of epic.

I watched the first Democratic Party debate and came away with a sense of wonder at just how far the United States of America has tilted in the direction of socialism, and how enthusiastically the younger people in the crowd reacted when some of the most radical socialist points were mentioned.

Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist made wild and totally undoable proposals that would push a nation already headed in that direction, quickly over the fiscal edge. Free college, free health care for all – including illegal aliens – bleed the top 1% who supply most of the venture capital and radically redesign the distribution of wealth without even one mention of personal responsibility or work ethic.

He literally cringes when confronted with the prospect of using military force – which is not only a prospect but an unfortunate reality these days – and with Bernie’s social programs, there couldn’t be anything left but a pittance to maintain a strong military anyway.

When asked if “black lives matter” or “all lives matter” he replied that “black lives matter” and went on a harangue trying explain his stance and falling far below the mark of ever getting there, as he stood on a stage with no black candidates and championed a cause that has advocated the murder of police officers.

Hillary was – for the most part – cool and collected, praising the Obama administration and basically vowing to proceed in the same direction with a monolithic government, capable of supplying cradle to grave needs for all who inhabit these shores.

The other three candidates were, for the most part, “also rans”, garnering less questions and receiving less face time than Hillary and Bernie, but the differences between their political philosophies and presidential aspirations were minimal as far as I could see.

Speaking just for myself, Bernie Sanders is scary.

In my opinion, a Sanders presidency would dry up investments, in fact I think that the mere fact that he had won the election would send the markets into a tail spin.

The number of new bureaucracies it would take to administer his domestic programs would inflate the government payroll to the bursting point.

Now, I’m sure that Bernie is as sincere in his desire to redesign America as Barack Obama and probably visualizes a utopian society where everybody receives day care, health care, a college education and government subsidies should they decide they don’t want to work for a living.

Two things wrong with Bernie’s strategy.

1. A big, monolithic government stumbles over their own feet, is a model of inefficiency, cannot even run a postal service, is prone to corruption, is administered by those who will promise people anything to be reelected, will eventually take every cent paid in taxes just to keep the apparatus running, will have no choice but to raise taxes again and again on their way to creating a generation of citizens who have neither ambition, work ethic, morals nor individuality, a nation of robots and sheep who depend on the federal government for everything and do well to brush their own teeth.

If you want a microcosm of what kind of world a Bernie Sanders presidency would promote, harken back to what happened in New Orleans after Katrina.

Next door on the Mississippi Gulf coast where the damage was just as bad, the people took care of getting their own to safe shelter and were out and about repairing the damage as soon as the sun came out.

Over in New Orleans – partially due to incompetent leadership by the city and state, but mainly because of the entitlement mentality years of dependency had fostered – the people sat back and waited for somebody to come get them and we all know the results.

2. There is no such word as “free” in federal government. They neither produce anything or provide an income producing service, and every red cent it spends comes directly out of some taxpayer’s pocket.

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