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CONCEAL CARRIER GETS HELD UP: And Quickly Turns The Tables On Armed Robber

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TOLEDO (13abc Action News) – A 21 year-old Toledo man with a concealed carry permit turned the tables on an armed robbery suspect early Tuesday morning as he arrived home from work.

Police say the shooting appears to be in self-defense, but it remains under investigation.

This happened outside just after 4 a.m. in the one thousand block of Baker off of LaGrange.

Police say Terrance Reid shot armed robbery suspect Antonio Hadley once in the abdomen.

Police say Hadley is in the hospital and expected to survive.

The shooter’s family says Reid pulled the trigger to save his own life.

“It was unfortunate what happened, but he had to protect himself,” says Johnny Jackson, Reid’s grandfather.

Reid’s family says he fired his gun early Tuesday morning as he was arriving home from work after his shift as a welder at a plant in Perrysburg.

“I’m laying down on the couch and I hear a big boom!” says the shooter’s mother.

Reid’s mother is a nurse who does not want to show her face out of fear for her own safety.

She was the first one on the scene.

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