CONGRESS AND ISLAM: Can You Tell The Difference Between The Two?

Published on October 21, 2015

By Michael Martin
Clash Daily Contributor

On the face of it that statement appears to be ridiculous because they are of various religions and most proclaim that they are Christians.
Followers of Islam are encouraged to lie if it will promote the furtherance of the religion ( cult ).
Congressmen are encouraged to lie if it will promote their chances at re-election ( low / no information voters ).
Followers of Islam believe that they know better than non-believers how to best serve non-believers (beheaded and or raped ) .
Congressmen believe that they know better than the voters how to serve the voters interests (by not doing what the voters elected them for, and generally pillaging voters descendants and putting them on the hook to pay for their current re-elections through generational promissory notes).
Followers of Islam believe that they have the right to confiscate the property of non-believers and give to believers.
Congress believes that they can take the assets of voters ( enema (sic) domain ) and give it to corporations for non public (voters’) usage .
Followers of Islam believe that they can tolerate non-believers as long as they pay a tax ( ransom ) to Islam for being non-Muslims .
Congressmen believe that they can tax you in unconstitutional ways ( ransom ) and exclude themselves from paying the ransoms.
Followers of Islam believe in sharia law and that it should be imposed on non-believers for their own good .
The judicial system believes that they can impose their will ( unconstitutionally ) by making law instead of following the Constitution. Congress approves / consents to the presidents picks / appointments to the supreme court. Congress does not impeach unconstitutional judges .
Followers of Islam ignore their conservative elements and allows extremists to control the Islamic political system.
Congress ignores the conservative majority and allows extreme liberals to control the political agenda .
The more I think about it the more that I think Congress is even worse than Islamic extremists as they tell you the truth that they want to rape and pillage non-believers, while congress does it and then lies about it.
Tell me how do YOU tell the difference ?
Lord, grant the voters the wisdom and knowledge that they can pick the candidates who actually want to follow the Constitution and do what’s best for our country, from the ones who just say they do and then don’t .


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