DESERTER BERGDAHL’S FATE: You’re Not Going To Like What This Army Officer Said

Published on October 11, 2015

We traded 5 Taliban members and lost lives all for this deserter…you won’t believe what his fate can now be.

An Army officer is recommending that Sgt Bowe Bergdahl face a lower-level court martial and be spared the possibility of jail time for leaving his post in Afghanistan, his lawyer said Saturday.

In a memorandum issued on Friday, Lieutenant Colonel Mark Visger, the presiding officer at the Article 32 hearing last month in San Antonio, recommended ‘non-judicial punishment’ for Bergdahl.

Military prosecutors told the two-day hearing Bergdahl should be held accountable because he intended to desert his post and said his actions fundamentally altered US operations in Afghanistan.

Military officials were not immediately available for comment about that the man who was held captive by the Taliban in Afghanistan for five years after leaving his post in 2009.

Defense attorney Eugene Fidell said Visger has decided a civilian system should handle Bergdahl’s case.

It limits the maximum punishment to a reduction of rank, a bad conduct discharge and a short jail term, though that isn’t being sought, Fidell said.

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