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EVERYONE AGREES: That These Were The Biggest Losers of the GOP Debate

There is no doubt that these were the biggest losers of the whole night. GOP candidates came together during the debate against the biased mainstream media – and it was epic.

As pundits began to spin in the aftermath of Wednesday’s prime-time Republican primary debate, one clear loser may be the one element in the room that received the biggest pummeling: CNBC.

The cable channel’s hosts took a two-hour beating from the 10 candidates on stage on everything from their speaking time to the facts behind their questions to a widespread perception that the questions themselves were mean-spirited.

The Republican-heavy audience at the University of Colorado in Boulder repeatedly came to the candidates’ defense, booing questions they believed were unfair.

It did not take long before they wanted to boo.

After a pleasant-but-quick opening question about their biggest weaknesses, CNBC moderator John Harwood asked GOP front-runner Donald Trump about his fiscal positions, ending with the tart exchange, ‘Is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign?’

Trump called that ‘not a very nicely asked question, the way you said that,’ bringing to mind for some perhaps Trump’s verbal sparring with Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly back in the opening moments of the first GOP debate in August in Cleveland.

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