EXECUTIVE GUN GRABBER: Why We Don’t Trust Obama With Our Guns

Written by Rob Morse on October 16, 2015

Critics say gun owners are antagonistic towards the Obama Administration. That is an understatement. Hell, we hate the lying bastards. The Obama administration lied to us again and again as they repeatedly politicized and weaponized every aspect of government. We’d be fools to believe anything they say today. This week, President Obama leaked his proposed 23 point executive order restricting gun ownership to the supportive press at MSNBC. It is a recycled document reused from the school shootings two years ago. This time I read each proposal in light of how it will be abused. Here are the highlights of Obama’s 23 executive orders.

Obama said federal agencies must enter and share data in the federal background check system. That leads to trouble for gun owners and their families. Suppose your brother was a veteran and being treated by the Veterans administration. Maybe your brother listed your house as his temporary address when he was deployed. Now, the cough medicine your brother bought is sufficient cause for you to get a SWAT team kicking down your door to disarm you for “your own safety”. Read the news carefully before you say that hasn’t happened.

The private information you gave to your government doctor isn’t private. Anything you say to your government doctor can and will be used as an excuse to seize your firearms. After all, the government now pays your doctor, so the doctor works for them rather than for you.

Obama wants to withhold federal funds from any state that protects gun owners. In fact, using executive orders, Obama can cut funding to any conservative state at any time. Firearms are the latest excuse. It is easy to do, since any deviation from the unending stream of federal regulations can justify the ruling of non-compliance. I’ve seen Chicago politics, and a socialist bureaucrat can always find a paperwork violation when he has to.

Obama asked the Department of Justice to report any threats to public safety. To a community organizer, that includes any political threats to the progressive regime. Remember that the Obama administration already labeled Christians, veterans, and the Tea Party as the greatest physical threats to America. Some military veterans and social security recipients have already been stripped of their ability to own firearms because they have their monthly checks sent to a third party payee. According to the community organizer from Chicago, anyone who isn’t a dues paying and card carrying SEIU member is probably a threat.

Obama wants to keep your guns if the government gets their hands on them. The police might have your firearm for a number of innocent reasons. Maybe you had a gun in your car when you were the innocent victim in a traffic accident. You might be a passenger, and now the government takes your firearm “for officer safety” and without probable cause. The government takes what you own, and does not have to give it back until you’ve been investigated to their satisfaction. So much for “shall not be infringed”.

Won’t you be surprised to find your routine traffic stop is now considered a criminal investigation because you are registered as a firearms owner. The government pays its lawyers with tax money, while you and a small business pay your lawyers out of pocket. Gun owners can be sued and investigated out of existence.

You would think that a firearms background check simply means determining that a gun owner is not a criminal. You date yourself. Today it means searching medial records to see if anyone in your family ever asked for a sleeping pill. You can have your firearms seized if your niece, who now stays with you, ever saw a mental-health councilor when she was suffering post-partum depression or getting a divorce. Did your niece say something threatening on social media? Your household could be disarmed for something as innocent as having your dying parents live with you while they were receiving pain medication for a terminal disease. Remember, this is Obama, and any excuse will do to disarm Americans.

Requiring a background checks before a private gun sale sounds like a good idea. Unfortunately, it is ripe for abuse in the hands of a lying Chicago politician. Of course you and I want to keep guns away from violent criminals. At the same time, we don’t want to turn honest gun owners into criminals through bureaucratic regulations. There are some 23 thousand gun laws, and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms issues fines if a “T” is not crossed or and “I” is not dotted on a federal form. This executive order paves the way for a national database of all firearms owners. You’re guilty until proven innocent.

Obama’s executive orders give federal dollars to anti-gun lobbyists. Now, you and I get to fund Obama’s gun grabbing propaganda. Of course these anti-rights groups can and will endorse candidates before the election. That is what community organizers do with their phone and their pen.

If I were an anti-gun political hack like US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, I’d write reports about lost and stolen guns that criminals use. I’d say we need “smart guns” that become inoperative if they are stolen from the rightful user, just like smart phones. Of course, I’d exempt police and the armed security details that protect politicians. After all, no sane person wants to trust their life to a gun that can be hacked by a teenager in China. Attorney General Lynch will conveniently ignore the steady stream of illegals, drugs and guns that cross our border.

Obama will tell us how to react when the next murderer comes to a “gun free” school. Unfortunately, we need a plan that goes beyond run, cower and die. The NRA and other organizations have begged schools to plan and train for active shooters. Two years ago when such laws were proposed in congress, the bills were buried by Democrat legislators!

The Obama Administration will produce a propaganda piece so that urban school boards can safely continue their policy of “gun free school zones”. Me, I’d prosecute every school administrators for criminal negligence after each and every violent injury in their school.

Obama wants to spin up his propaganda machine. The anti-gun Surgeon General will politicize reports from the Centers for Disease Control. He will report that all firearms in civilian hands are a risk to public health. The Surgeon General can define anyone who wants to defend themselves as mentally ill. The Consumer Products Safety Commission can now report you as a danger to the public unless your firearms are inaccessible and locked to their satisfaction … preferably buried under several feet of reinforced concrete. I trust President Obama as far as I can throw my gun safe.

History has shown us that that the Obama administration will do anything it pleases. There is no law to constrain them as long as they have 40 loyal Democrats in the Senate and gutless Republicans leading them. No one’s rights are secure … particularly firearms owners.

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