FACEBOOKED: Chick’s ‘DISABILITY BENEFITS’ Dry Up When They Saw Her Facebook Photos

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Can you imagine just how many more people are scamming the government for their benefits?

A benefit cheat who pocketed up to £90,000 by claiming to be housebound was caught when she posted photographs on Facebook showing her attending raves and music concerts.

Joy Taylor, 32, insisted she was disabled and unable to leave her home in County Durham, following a serious accident in 2007.

But her scam was uncovered when fraud investigators found her Facebook page and saw her enjoying herself at a string of gigs including the Leeds Festival, Creamfields and a Kings of Leon concert.

After being confronted she blamed her mother, Linda, for the fraud and the pair ended up being charged.

Durham Crown Court heard that Taylor’s initial claim was legitimate after she suffered a serious leg injury in an accident in 2007 – however the claims should have ended in 2009 by which time she had recovered.

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