FIGHT BREAKS OUT AT TRUMP RALLY: The Way He Handles It Makes The Crowd Go WILD

Published on October 15, 2015

Latino and Black Lives Matter activists disrupted a Trump rally – but the way Trump responded will have you cheering.

Black Lives Matter and pro-illegal alien Latino activists who violently confronted Trump supporters, were forcibly removed by Virginia State Police officers after disrupting a rally held Wednesday evening in Richmond by leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

There were reports that ‘numerous fights’ had broken out between the protesters and Trump supporters.

When the protesters first made their presence known in the capacity crowd of about 5,000, Trump responded by saying, “That’s why we have freedom of speech, folks!”, according to a video excerpt of his speech posted to You Tube.

Then Black Lives Matter activists started some “small fights” with Trump supporters that apparently “escalated,” with Trump supporters taking activists to the ground and holding them for police.

Pro Latino group just tries to disrupt #Trump rally in Richmond when GOP front runner says USA will build wall #rva”

HUGE roar from crowds trying to drown each other out “We love Trump” now drowning out Hispanic groups trying to disrupt #Trump2016 rally”

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