FRENCH TRAIN ATTACK HERO: Repeatedly Stabbed In The Chest In Sacramento

Published on October 8, 2015

The American hero, Spencer Stone, was repeatedly stabbed this morning in Sacramento, CA after getting into an altercation and trying to protect a friend.

French train attack hero Spencer Stone was stabbed ‘four times in the chest’ early Thursday while trying to protect a friend in Sacramento.

The attack was so violent that police began treating the case as a homicide when they arrived on the scene shortly after 12:45am.

The 23-year-old U.S. airman 1st class was one of the three Americans who managed to take down a gunman as he opened fire on a Paris train this past August.

The Air Force Times reports that he was stabbed ‘four times in the chest’ and was taken to the UC Davis Medical Center where he is being treated for injury.

CBS News reports he suffered a wound to the heart and the lung and was with a female companion when the stabbing occurred.

The stabbing happened at 12:45am at the intersection of 21st and K in the city and the crime was so violent that two blocks of the street were shut down reports KCRA.

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