GEORGIA SCHOOL TEACHES ISLAM: Conveniently Leaves Out Christianity and Judaism

Published on October 1, 2015

by Dave Grigger

Georgia’s Walton county school district showed the true aims of multiculturalism this semester, with a curriculum that both whitewashes Islamic history and completely ignores Judeo-Christian teaching.

Walton county parents, unlike most of Congress and the Left, saw right through the ruse.

Georgia’s curriculum is similar to that in use in California, where students have been forced to memorize the five pillars of Islam, and concede that Allah and Yahweh are the same God. California, to its credit, has a large group of parents fighting back as well.

Walton parents have risen up in protest, and petitioned the school board to give time in the curriculum to the history of Christianity and Judaism. They’ve also asked for a more balanced look at Islam, one that takes into account its violent history and persecution of Jewish and minority groups, Israel, jihad, and 9/11.

Perhaps most importantly, they’ve addressed the largest error in the curriculum – that Muslims, Jews, and Christians worship the same God, an outrageously false statement that has received a strong backlash from theologians and churchgoers across the county.

Naive leftists, as well as Sharia advocates like the Council on Anerican-Islamic Relations, have officially put protesting parents on an Islamophobia watch list. The parents themselves, however, have done everything by the book in their protests and petitions to the school board. Do you stand with them?

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