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GERMAN POLITICAL EXPERT: What He Says About Muslims In a Western Nation Is Terrifying

By Thomas Holmes

Well, look what news is coming from the country that has historically flourished in militant extremism: Germany. Once known as the greatest threat to life and liberty in the world, today known as the only country holding the European Union together, Germany has some words of warning for the rest of the world: Muslim immigrants are a threat to your country’s political stability. In an interview with Neue Osnabrucker German Professor of Political Extremism, Jürgen W. Falter, warned of the very real possibility of a formal and powerful Muslim political party as a direct result of Chancellor Angela Merckel’s immigration policy. Germany is currently swamped with millions of Muslim refugees inside their borders. Unless something changes soon, the Muslim population could grow to 8 million, according to Professor Falter. To provide some perspective, Chancellor Merckel’s reigning Christian Democratic Union won power with 18 million votes in 2013 (largely with the promise that they were going to stop bailing out other countries- specifically the EU- at the risk of Germany’s sovereignty). The remaining political parties earned from 11 million down to 2 million votes.

The point being, an organized Muslim-centric, political party is not only possible in Germany’s near future but would be instantaneously large enough to be a serious player within continental Europe’s most powerful nation. I believe this is the moment when Chancellor Merckel borrows Doc Brown’s DeLorean and prevents herself from opening Germany to any and all freeloaders. I don’t know if she seriously thought that letting in 8 million Muslim would somehow persuade them to vote for the Christian Democratic Union or what, but talk about rolling dice over the welfare of your country. Either the relevant German parties become a lot less “Christian” in their platforms or the growing Muslim minority creates their own opposition. Neither solution is a winner for freedom loving citizens.

What’s most striking about this clusterfudge is that it illustrates how, once again, Europe is a few steps ahead of America on the rollercoaster into oblivion. Socially and economically, Europe’s state-sponsored education systems, their medical and free drug programs and gradual but intentional eradication of the traditional monogamous and heterosexual values have always shown Americans just where we’d be headed if we embraced European lifestyles. Germany’s potential cultural and political self-destruction is just the latest example. It’s sure a good thing we don’t have a leadership in America that would blatantly just step in that same thoughtless-immigration mess without thinking.


Thomas Holmes

Thomas Holmes is a noteworthy writer who always lampoons the lunatic left with his viral posts.

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