GO BIG OR GO HOME: How America Needs To Confront Enemies and Threats

Written by Larry Usoff on October 27, 2015

The recent decision by the White House to leave a small force behind in Afghanistan is, in my opinion, a mistake.   The heading above tells the story…go big, or go home.   Leaving a force behind that is straddled with ridiculous rules of engagement, dealing with tribal personnel that, really, could care less who runs the country because they will fight for or against whoever treats them better.   A smaller force can be picked off one-by-one and that will probably be the enemy’s strategy.  

Inside the United States we tell people that if they see something they should say something, right?   Were it up to me I would tell the US field commanders in war zones that if they see someone they should shoot someone.   War, by almost any definition, has to contain an element of what the military calls “collateral damage” and what the rest of us call civilian casualties.

In World War 2 the Navy would sit offshore and send huge shells to whatever area needed to be “softened up”…then the various administrations retired the battleships and heavy cruisers, to be replaced by an assortment of missiles.

General Curtis LeMay once said that he preferred to “bomb them back to the Stone Age” and for a lot of people in the muddled Middle East, that’s not a big stretch.

ISIS is definitely one of those groups that should be, and could be, carpet-bombed back to the Stone Age.   No other group that’s associated with them, no matter what they may call themselves, is so determined to take the world back to the 7th Century.   They should be accommodated by bombing them incessantly with the B-52’s that are sitting, unused, at an airbase in Tucson, Arizona.   With the technology that we have now, we probably wouldn’t even have to man these bombers so if the planes were shot down somehow, no personnel would be in danger…I could be wrong on that one, but I don’t think so.

Since I mentioned the Navy, let’s see what’s going on there.   Are we going big there?   What ships are being added to the fleet are smaller, specialty ships, mostly incapable of delivering heavy shelling to pound the enemy.   The administration is slicing and dicing all the armed forces to the point where, according to experts, it would be very nearly impossible to mount a foreign war, much less defend the homeland.  Between the Navy and the Coast Guard they are doing splendid work, but they’re just not as big as they should be.   Go big, or go home…and it looks like we’re going home.

A potential enemy, Russia, is attempting to re-establish that country as a world superpower and because of our administration’s crazy non-strategy all over the world, they may succeed.   As a matter of fact, the Russians said that our leader has “mush for brains” and that would be my sentiments also.   No one, looking at the big picture of our strategy, or lack thereof, in various incidents, could say that the plans were based on solid experience.  

Barack Hussein Obama (and I just LOVE those American names) is like a proctologist conducting an examination…everything he touches turns to crap.   Whatever he says or promises, he then turns around and does the exact opposite, or causes the opposite to happen.   Oh, he did go big on this one thing…Obamacare.   It has ruined what used to be one of the best health care systems in the world.   Now it’s like a painful ingrown toenail…you cannot just let it go on, you have to snip and cut until you get the nail out and the toe can become normal again.

Go big…and he is going big on importation of so-called “refugees”.   Some of these people, mostly young, able-bodied men, are probably terrorists.   Nevertheless, and many times without warning, groups of these “refugees” are being dumped in unsuspecting cities and towns across America.   He said, at the beginning of his presidency, that he wanted some sort of police/army that would be equal to the US Army.   These “refugees” are most likely that private army being formed right under our noses…and we’re letting it happen.   You will see more and more so-called “lone wolf” attacks on Americans as time goes by, but don’t kid yourself, these are being manipulated from behind the scenes as a way of terrorizing the public.   If you’re out and about and someone approaches you rapidly, waving a knife or a hatchet, what are you going to do?  

Go big…and here’s a way to do that.   We have thousands of veterans who would proudly serve in some capacity to protect the homeland.   My plan, as an example, would be to station vets at the border with Mexico.   They would be “federalized” the same way the TSA was, and they would have the authority to detain and interrogate anyone crossing the border.   Let them have their own weapons, which I’m guessing about 90% of them already have, and they’d be stationed about 50 yards apart on a 12 hour shift.   They would be on duty 12 hours and then off 48 hours.   They would earn the minimum wage for Federal workers in that same position.  Think about it, this would ease unemployment while at the same time protecting the border.

Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired, www.AirHumanityRadio.net

Image: https://zh.wikipedia.org/zh-tw/file:new_mexico_class_battleship_bombarding_

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Larry Usoff
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