IF YOU WANT TO TICK OFF OBAMA: Show Him This Latest Gun Poll

Written by Thomas Holmes on October 23, 2015

By Thomas Holmes

In yet another sign that the liberal propaganda façade is crumbling, even as the Left doubles down on their idiocy, more and more Americans are aligning themselves with the Constitution according to a Gallup poll released on Tuesday. 56% of Americans believe that the country is safer the more of us carry concealed guns. This is a direct kick in the no-no’s to the Leftist fear-mongering narrative of “guns are alive and want to murder you, your family and all puppy dogs” that Obama and his ilk have been funneling through sources like MSNBC and The View. You know the dance steps; a tragic shooting takes place and before the victims are even cold, sometimes before the suspect is even captured, Present Obama jumps in front of the camera in full fist-shaking, “mad as hell and not gonna take it” pleading. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Despite Obama lecturing the country on how nothing bad would ever happen if we just declared the NRA a terrorist organization and forced citizens to turn in their guns like Australia did, it appears American isn’t buying it. This poll, along with another recent poll showing Americans actually believe guns are not “too easy to obtain” clearly indicate that Barry O is about as skilled at lecturing on guns as he was as an adjunct professor. It should be noted that the Gallup poll does show an 86% majority favoring a universal background check which would eliminate the right to privately sell your gun. That, despite those same respondents agreeing that a universal check would do nothing limit mass shootings. Hopefully, 2nd Amendment supporters can now take aim at the evident logic SNAFU of supporting additional regulation to impede law abiding gun owners, not criminals, while acknowledging that enabling carrying citizens would at the very least not increase danger.

I imagine when President Obama and pretty much all Democrats not named Webb see polls like this they get that much closer to yelling “screw it” and march to the Archives to burn the Constitution with the whole thing filmed by Michael Moore. Either that or dream of just one more rampage so Obama can stand up again and bemoan America’s rights with the same tired anti-logic. I wonder if it occurred to any of the Left that people are justifiably more concerned about seemingly government-endorsed maniacs like #BlackLivesMatter and similar riot generators? I wonder if anybody on the Left might wake up to the possibility that most people simply don’t believe this government can or wants to protect them as well as they can protect themselves?

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