JEB’S A DIRTY PUNK: Bush Staffer Planted in Audience To Attack Trump

Published on October 13, 2015

Jeb Bush can’t stand the fact that Trump is absolutely trumping him in the polls – so he goes and does this. Please, tell us more about why we should believe that Jeb is different than the rest of the dirty punks in DC that have caused our country to be in its current state.

During an appearance at a Jon Huntsman / The Hill “No Labels” event, a female audience member named Lauren Batchelder played the role of a female antagonist toward candidate Donald Trump.

However, Ms. Batchelder is not just an average audience member.  She’s a paid political operative of the GOP and a paid staff member of Team Jeb Bush:

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Within minutes of her scripted performance at the event, the producers of CNN were quickly editing soundbites and framing a narrative.  That story was pushed into the media stream within hours.  CNN’s Jeanne Moos was the delivery vehicle for the a hit piece.

Here’s the CNN narrative as presented yesterday:

However, as previously noted, it didn’t take long to discover that Lauren Batchelder was not just an ordinary audience member, she is actually a current staffer for Senator Kelly Ayotte and also working in New Hampshire on behalf of the Jeb Bush 2016 campaign.

Batchelder’s LinkedIn profile shows she is a Jeb Bush For President 2016 staffer.

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