KISS FREE SPEECH GOODBYE: How Tea Party Criminalization Is Under Way

Published on October 15, 2015

by Ian Bayne
Clash Daily Contributor

In Georgia, back in July, a black family was celebrating a birthday at an outdoor event. A group of 15 confederate flag supporters drove by in pickup trucks showing their support and flying their confederate flags.
Police were called to the scene, as the black family said that the existence of the confederate flags during a birthday party was considered some kind of threat.
The Douglasville Georgia Police Department disagreed, issuing the following statement: “Officers on scene were given conflicting statements as to what led up to the confrontation. We do not have any evidence of any shots fired nor were there any reports of a physical altercation taking place.”
No assault. No crime committed. Police left.
But on Tuesday “mob rule” prevailed, overturned a decision made by police on the scene, and decided that such an offensive display of speech must be a crime and that violence must have been committed by the group of confederate flag enthusiasts.
A grand jury handed down an indictment that the confederate flag enthusiasts were in fact terrorists, violating the state of Georgia’s Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act.
It is not known whether the grand jury believes the display of the confederate flag is a violent act, or that the exhibiting of the flag is enough legal proof that violence must have been committed by the 15 flag flyers.
Fox News reports that the indictment stated that the group intended to “commit a crime of violence to persons attending a party” with the “purpose of terrorizing those individuals and in reckless disregard for the risk of causing such terror.”
The confederate flag wavers, who said the black family surrounded their vehicles and threw rocks, claim to be part of a group called “Respect the Flag.”
Being part of a “group” may have been their undoing, making them (and their oh-so-offensive content matter) the key to allowing government to create terrorists out of those who organize to celebrate free speech.
The anti-terrorism act, passed in 2010 during the height of the Tea Party, reads:

any organization, association, or group of three or more persons associated in fact, whether formal or informal, which engages in criminal gang activity as defined in paragraph (1) of this Code section. The existence of such organization, association, or group of individuals associated in fact may be established by evidence of a common name or common identifying signs, symbols, tattoos, graffiti, or attire or other distinguishing characteristics, including, but not limited to, common activities, customs, or behaviors.

It would appear that had the group been flying Tea Party flags they would be in an equal amount of trouble. Although a confederate flag organization is much easier to strip of free speech in the court of public opinion.
Since 2010, Democrats have been attempting to use mob rule in order to flush the popular Tea Party, the only thing standing in the way of government’s attempt to completely ignore the US Constitution.
Criminalization of organizations that “offend” would mean that free people are left with only one brand: Republican.
And what more compelling cause to test a ban on racist organizations other than a confederate flag organization?
Years of redefining the Republicans with Democrat platforms, watered down “moderate” Republicans leading the party, and outright stripping party affiliation off the ballot in many municipal elections from Bloomington, Illinois to Boston, Massachusetts, government has successfully confused a large chunk of the electorate away from the Republican affiliation.
And Republican District Attorney Brian Fortner, who is leading the charge of terror for the flag enthusiasts, provides cover to a Democrat party that can claim not to be a part of the effort.
Fortner, who narrowly beat his Democrat challenger last November, no doubt hopes to turn his support for criminalizing free speech into added Democrat votes for his next election.
And he will no doubt find a home for himself in the last allowable affiliation just prior to tyranny: member of the Democrat Party.


Ian Bayne editIan Bayne is a former Republican consultant, talk show host, and small business owner.

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