MARINE HEARS STORE CLERK TALK BS: So He Takes Out His Camera And Starts Recording

Published on October 28, 2015

Don’t ever try to BS a marine or this will happen to you.

After hearing a store clerk brag about his deployment, a customer in a Fresno convenience store began to question him about his story, because the customer, a Marine himself, knew that it was riddled with inaccuracies.

Dave Kind, who filmed the interaction with the Circle K store clerk, began to ask him questions about where he was deployed and his battalion’s nickname — questions that the clerk either did not answer or seemed to struggle to answer. Kind asked “which village in Afghanistan” the clerk said he was deployed to, but the clerk said he couldn’t remember.

“Dude, you were not a Marine,” Kind eventually said. “I know you’re not a Marine. I was in the Marine Corps for five years.”

The store clerk laughed off Kind’s accusations and mocked him when he tried to ask more questions.

“You’re a f*****g liar,” Kind said as the clerk continued to laugh.

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