MUSLIM CLERIC: Wields Knife and Gives These Disturbing Instructions to Palestinians

Published on October 13, 2015

Just remember, these are the people that Obama sides with instead of Israel.

A Muslim cleric instructed the Palestinian people to “stab” Israelis Friday during a sermon at the Al-Abrar Mosque in the Gaza Strip.

Sheikh Muhammad Sallah “Abu Rajab” said in a video clip highlighted by the Middle East Media Research Institute that the world must be “constantly” reminded about something “everyone has forgotten.”

“This is Gaza! This is the place of trenches and guns! This is the West Bank! This is the place of bombs and daggers!” he said, according to MEMRI’s translation.

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“Today, we realize why the [Jews] build walls. They do not do this to stop missiles, but to prevent the slitting of their throats,” the cleric added.

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