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OBAMA’S ARMY: Witness Says Army Encouraged Soldiers To Ignore Afghan Child Rape

This is sickening in so many ways.

Recently it was charged that U.S. commanders in Afghanistan were telling American servicemen to ignore child rape by Afghan Muslim soldiers.

I recently received confirmation in the form of an explosive and chilling letter from a retired American serviceman, Benjamin Baird, a former Staff Sergeant, 2-23 IN of the 4th Stryker Brigade Combat Team.

I am a medically retired Army infantryman. I was a platoon sergeant during my last tour to Afghanistan in 2012-2013.

We worked with a local commander of the Afghan border patrol who also was a known child molester. I would tell the officers around me that they should take a stand and either arrest him or refuse to work with him at worst. There was, indeed, encouragement from higher ups to ignore these problems. I always said that child rape by a military commander was a war crime, and if I was ever on a mission with this “man” I would have to be restrained. Needless to say, any interaction with me and the rapist was avoided by my leadership.

The war criminal was named Haji Jinohn. May be spelled incorrectly. I will gladly testify to the fact that US commanders ignore the rape of children by their Afghan counterparts. It is a sickening act and sends bad messages to our allies.

In Afghan culture, the rape of young boys is actually not a big deal.

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