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OBAMA’S TICKED AT GUN LOVERS IN TEXAS: After They Made This Huge Move Against Him

This is why we love Texas – they don’t take Obama’s crap.

While the national media continues to portray guns as death machines, Texas is actually expanding its gun laws.

A few months ago Governor Greg Abbott signed HB 910, or the Texas Open Carry Bill for Concealed Handgun Holders. This law allows for people who were formerly forced to conceal their weapon to have it holstered in plain sight.

And now new legislation comes as the nation watched in horror as 9 more poeple died in a liberal-created “Gun-Free Zone” in Oregon — which only make it safe for criminals and psychopaths to kill without challenge.

The “Campus Carry” bill — requires public universities in Texas to allow handguns in dorms, classrooms, and campus buildings. The measure received final approval from the Texas legislature over the weekend.

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