RELIGION OF PEACE: Watch Syrian Women Slam Male Migrants for Leaving Them

Published on October 7, 2015

Typically, women and children are put first – but not here. You won’t see this in the mainstream media.

A short film has been released documenting the distress and sense of betrayal felt by Syrian women and families, abandoned by the men who have migrated to Europe amid the civil war.

In the film, made by Citizen Journalism platform On The Ground (OGN), journalist Bilal Abdul Kareem visits a refugee camp in Syria, “because I wanted to get some of the opinions of some of the people that are here regarding the refugees who are flooding into Europe and other nations,” he says.

United Nations figures reveal that of the nearly 600,000 migrants who have crossed the Mediterranean this year, 69 per cent of them are men, and 55 per cent of them are from Syria.

“I am very upset about the men going out. We have a crisis here. So if they go, who will free us? Who will protect us? We are their honor. We are their honour… Who will avenge [the martyred]?” asks the first woman.

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