SHE WAS BULLIED BECAUSE SHE WAS ‘TOO TALL’: Now She Holds The World Record For …

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Holly Burt has been bullied all her life for being too tall – but now she is turning the tables on everyone.

A woman who was bullied over her height is inching her way into the record books with what she believes are the longest legs in the US – measuring a whopping 49.5 inches.

Holly Burt, a 20-year-old design student from Florida, has emerged in a bid to trump current record holder – model Lauren Williams – who has 49 inch pins.

Holly – who is 6ft 5ins tall – said she was picked on at school for being so tall – but added since moving to New York two years ago, men love her figure.

Holly said: ‘Back in middle school I was called daddy long legs, tree or giraffe – but the dating scene has gotten better since I moved to New York.

‘I definitely have seen guys come up to me who have a fetish for long legs.

‘When people see me in heels their jaws hit the floor.

‘I have a rule that I won’t date anyone under 6ft 3in and fortunately New York is full of tall, hot men. (Daily Mail)

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