THE BENGHAZI HEARINGS: They’ve Made This One Thing About Hillary Very Obvious

Written by Allan Erickson on October 26, 2015

The hearing last week was revealing.  HRC was shown a polished deceiver even as her deceptions were clearly proven.

Evidence showed she lied about the cause of the Benghazi attacks, she lied about security preparations, and she lied about readiness and the lack of response to save the four Americans who died.

The questioning is being called “brutal” and “partisan” by certain partisan pundits.  It is ironic, in view of the fact HRC is one of the most brutal partisans alive. Her entire career has been marked by one brutal assault after another, assaults she has perpetrated in order to advance her partisan career.  Let’s not forget she recently named Republicans her enemies, enemies she has sought to destroy for at least 45 years.  Is it therefore any wonder that warm fuzzies were lacking yesterday given the legions of enemies she has created over the years.

Furthermore, it was remarkable watching her shirk responsibility for the lack of security, claiming ignorance, and blaming “security professionals”.  Throwing people under the bus is another of her “talents.”

The number one duty of the president and the secretary of state is protecting American lives, i.e., providing adequate security, yet she could not be bothered to insure her newly appointed envoy the right number of guards to protect his life, despite his pleas, recommendations from various intelligence officials, and several attacks in and around Benghazi leading up the 9/11/12 tragedy.  She insists protecting his life was not her job.

At the same time she applies to us for the job of president.

The last person I’d hire to protect my family is HRC.  One of the chief deceivers in D.C., she is blinded by pride to the point she takes credit for things she has never accomplished, and refuses to take responsibility for her failures, a person thoroughly disqualified for public office, one likely facing criminal charges from an ongoing FBI investigation into the email and Foundation scandals.

Her criminal behavior is finally catching up with her.

Democrats who celebrate her candidacy simply reveal the depths of their depravity as well.


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Allan Erickson
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