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THE MUPPETS SHOW: One Million Moms Are Ticked For This Dumb Reason

It appears that One Million Moms has taken issue with the “perverted” Muppets Show. Now imagine that, a group of people getting offended by a freaking Muppet show. An actual, legitimate, muppet show!

Here’s the thing, if you watch the Muppets or any of their previews, you will see that Kermit The Frog sort of specifies that this is more of an adult themed Muppets show. After all, we are the ones who grew up with them. They SPECIFICALLY state that it is going to be an adult-themed show! Hello, they warned you, Moms!

That is all beside the point, though, check this out! If One Million Moms thinks that The Muppets is a perverted show, then that should be One Million households that should not allow their children to tune in and watch this blasphemous disaster. Right? You are the moms, and it is your duty to regulate and control what your CHILDREN watch on television.

The moms claim that Sesame Street wasn’t like this, and that this is not what Jim Henson wanted for his adorable creation. Well, when it comes to Sesame Street, need I remind you about Elmo’s creator? How about you take a few minutes to Google Wilkins Coffee, and Mr. Henson’s early Muppet work? Go ahead, do it, I’ll wait. What did you find out about the early version of Kermit The Frog?

Look, moms, I have given you a proper solution. If you don’t like the show, or it’s content, then don’t let your kids tune in and watch the show. Problem solved! Thank you very much! Now would you please leave those of us who do not have a big stick up our backside alone so that we can watch sit and watch the Muppets!

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