THE TRUMPINATOR: Why Do Both Republicans and Democrats Fear Trump?

Written by Dave Daubenmire on October 31, 2015

I wonder if Donald Trump’s last name is a matter of fate. Who would have ever thought just a year ago that he would become the wild-card in the high-stakes card game going on in Washington, DC?

It reminded me of a card game I used to play back in my college days. It was like playing euchre except there were no trump cards. In a card game “trump” is a card that is more powerful than any other. The name of this particular game my buddies and I liked to play was called “no trump.”

That is the card game that the political establishment is trying to play. NO TRUMP. They want to play a game of politics without any Donald Trump in it.

I would like to make a couple of observations for you that I have not seen anywhere else. Perhaps you could offer me a little insight on what you think is going on.

Both sides do not want to see Donald Trump in the White House. You would think that if he was such a horrible candidate for the Republicans, the Democrat lamestream media would be doing everything that they could to encourage his candidacy. But they are doing just the opposite. ALL media outlets are doing all that they can to drive people away from him. Could it be that they know something that we do not?

Trump has been an ultra successful businessman. This requires a very diverse set of skills the average citizen does not posses. But they want us to believe that he is not qualified because he has never served in government. They want us to believe that only a career politician can run the government.

That might be true if our career politicians had been successfully running the government. But running the government successfully is not what politicians are trained to do. They are trained in the art of politics, not in the skill of running a successful government enterprise. Politics, a wise man said, is the art of compromise. Trump scares them because he is not very good at that art.

The President is like the Head Coach of a football team. Watch your favorite football team this weekend and you will notice that the Head Coach strolls the sidelines as if he is running the show. But he really isn’t. The Head Coach has hired assistants that are responsible for the play calling during the game. Very few Head Coaches call the plays. They have turned that job over to qualified experts who develop the game plan. Urban Meyer, the Head Coach of the OSU Buckeyes, does not call the plays. He is an overseer. He is in control of the football “business” but he turns the operation of the game over to his assistants. He maintains veto power over every decision and the ultimate decision is his, but the head coach merely hires great assistant coaches who implement the game plan.

Good business men are the same way. Trump cannot be an expert in every area of business so he hires the best experts he can find to run that aspect of his business. Donald Trump is a Head Coach who has a history of hiring great assistant coaches. Trump is successful because he knows how to manage the efforts of experts he hires.

That is what a President should do. Can you imagine the “assistant coaches” Trump could bring into government? Is it possible that government might work better if actual business men ran it as a business? That’s why they all hate him. They know that Trump will go outside the political world to find his experts. What if we had a President who actually wanted to see the government operate as a successful business rather than as jobs program for political hacks? Have you seen some of Obama’s assistant coaches?

Both political parties realize something that the government/media complex will not tell you. Trumps appeal is not just to Republican, or conservatives. His appeal digs deeply into Democratic voters as well. The false left/right paradigm that they use to keep Americans divided gets shattered with Donald Trump. Both parties know Democrats and Independents will vote for Trump as well because they recognize that he is not a career politician. His America-first attitude appeals to hard working Americans regardless of political loyalties.

Can you name one “organization” that is in favor of Trump? Not one media group, not one political group, not one special interest group appears to be in his corner yet he continues to lead in the polls. Regardless of political persuasion the average American is sick of what is happening to this nation. Trump may have his own agenda but most people know that he isn’t out to get rich off of the taxpayer. They may not agree with all of his positions but they believe that he is his own man. They innately feel that Trump wants to do what is best for America.

Can Trump make America great again? I doubt it, but most Americans are concerned about the future that their children and grandchildren face. They know Hillary and Bush will only give us more of the same. Perhaps Trump can clear the way for better candidates in the future.

Donald Trump is not conservative enough for me. I wish an honest Christian could get the traction needed. But there is no other candidate with the capability of bringing real change to the American political process. As a man who builds buildings Trump understands that often rebuilding requires a tearing down of the original structure.

Reconstruction is harder than new construction. America needs to be rebuilt. I think it is time to let Trump blow the two party oligarchy to smithereens so we have a chance to start over.

They hate him for a reason. They are scared of him for a reason. They have pulled out all of the stops to try and stop him for a reason. Why does the establishment of both parties and the controlled media on both sides hate him so much? Why do they fear The Donald?

In the Scriptures God famously used an ass to get His point across. There is an old principle in warfare…the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I don’t know about you, but Trump is looking a lot more like a friend to me.

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Dave Daubenmire
Dave Daubenmire is a veteran 35 year high school football coach who was spurred to action when attacked and sued by the ACLU in the late 1990s for praying with his high school football team. After a two year battle for his 1st amendment rights, the ACLU relented and offered coach an out of court settlement.