TRUMP: Goes Postal Again On A Sinking Jeb and ‘Sweaty’ Rubio

Published on October 25, 2015

Jeb is done. Stick a fork in him.

Donald Trump branded Jeb Bush an ’embarrassment to his family’ on Saturday as he slammed his competition for the Republican presidential nomination.

Speaking in Jacksonville, Florida, Trump said his competition had no chance catching him in the polls as he laid into ‘sweaty’ Marco Rubio and Ben Carson.

The billionaire told a raucous crowd that Bush’s recent campaign cuts show he is not ready to be President.

‘Here’s a guy who wants to run our country, and he can’t even run his own campaign. And you know what? He’s cutting back big,’ Trump said, adding that Bush was ‘losing badly and embarrassing his family’.

The comment came the day after the Bush campaign said it was cutting payroll by 40 per cent by trimming staff and requiring an across the board pay cut for those remaining.

‘Bush has no money. He’s cutting. He’s meeting today with mommy and daddy and they’re working on their campaign,’ Trump said.

Bush wasn’t the only rival Trump targeted during a speech that lasted about an hour and 20 minutes. Florida’s junior senator, Marco Rubio, and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson also took hits.

‘You’ve got Rubio doing poorly, and he sweats like a dog,’ Trump said. ‘You’ve got Carson. I don’t know what the hell’s going on there. I don’t get it.’

It was the second straight day Trump campaigned in Florida, where he leads in recent polls — a point he took joy in letting the crowd know.

‘Trump is No 1. Rubio, waaaaay back,’ Trump said. ‘You’re talking about a guy who’s sweating, now he’s really sweating.’

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