Written by Thomas Holmes on October 31, 2015

By Thomas Holmes

If this doesn’t wake people up to the need to draw a serious line in the sand about Islam then we’re truly screwed. The English community of Rotherham is still reeling from the atrocities of a 2014 independent investigation that uncovered a conservative estimate of 1,400 girls as young as 11 being systematically raped over 14 years by area Muslim immigrants. As if that isn’t bad enough, the investigation revealed that the local authorities knew about it and kept quiet over fear of getting accused of racism. Because that is so much better than being labeled accomplices to child rape.

This has gone way beyond political correctness and into the realm of aiding and abetting our own societal downfall. That’s especially true because even though the community of Pakistani Muslims got caught, no thanks to the local cops- sorry Bobbies­, this hasn’t stopped the British Muslim Youth organization from recently defending their Muslims brothers (as opposed to the actual child victims) against feelings of “marginalization and dehumanization” at the hands of police and citizens. They basically threatened: respect us or else.

“We will not be treated as criminals any longer, nor will we be held responsible for acts of personal self-defense”.

British Muslim Youth’s Official Boycott of Yorkshire Police

I wonder if they’ve got the time in their busy schedule to also threaten the Muslims who raped little girls over 14 years. That’s what is so bewildering about this supposedly peaceful group and their boycott. The BMY is threatening the police not because the Muslim rapists were falsely accused, but because Islam’s whole propaganda campaign: guilt everyone into ignoring real Islam in favor of accepting an Easter Bunny equivalent definition of the Religion of Peace or be branded a racist, was totally successful. The whole reason a community of Muslim rapists was allowed to exist for 14 years in the first place was because the British authorities thought that was a better idea than being accused of Islamophobia.

This is way bigger than one Muslim group trying to deflect attention away from an unthinkable Islamic crime. For them, it’s about keeping that rickety “Religion of Peace” strawman upright in the media. Without that to feed to gullible liberals it becomes problematic, to say the least, for Muslims to sneak in and cannibalize the western world. I don’t know about the Yorkshire police, but I would consider it a badge of honor to be accused of Islamophobia if it meant finally pushing back against a religion that included rape and Sharia morality in its definition of world society.

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