WATCH WHAT THESE JOURNALISTS DO: During The Nat’l Anthem At The #DemDebate

Written by Wes Walker on October 14, 2015

Actions, they say, speak louder than words.

Well, they certainly did in this clip. Too bad this is a lesson that the supposed media elite haven’t learned yet.

Journalists would have us believe that we’re wrong to write them off as elitists in ivory towers. They love this country too. They’re just as American as any average working stiff.

But the camera tells a different story, a story confirming many patriots’ suspicions.

Could there be an innocent explanation? Probably. It could be that people are reading more into this than they need to.

But you don’t need to be a PR consultant to see the credibility problem.  When people have been burned before, they notice the little things: the little snubs that others might get away with.

It doesn’t help that the media keeps writing off conservatives that love their country as the villains in their narratives. They like to put us on the same moral plane as terrorists — or even worse, since some downgrade actual terrorism to “workplace violence”.

If they didn’t disdain “fly-over country” it might be easier to offer the benefit of the doubt.

But those bridges have been burned already.  One too many scandals buried. One too many pieces praising the bold initiatives of those abusing their office.

Well, guess what, guys? We no longer trust you. Many of us never did.

You say you love America. We don’t believe you do. Not America. Not her People. Not her History. And certainly not her Institutions.

And that is why, when the cameras are rolling, and you think nobody is watching, we are. We notice that the Anthem is played, and you ignore it. You sit distracted in your chairs. Bored.

In a room of 400 journalists at the Democratic Debate, only about 20 stood up when the National Anthem played. The numbers were similar at the Reagan Library. (And ‘conservative’ media outlets? You were little better. We noticed that, too.)

Others might get the benefit of the doubt. Most probably would.

But your indifference, (disdain?) bears too close a resemblance to what we see at 1600 Pennsylvania. It has all the class and decorum of a selfie at a funeral.  And we’re sick of it.