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‘WE’RE ALL LOOKING FOR A PAP SMEAR’: SNL Skewers This Democrat Hag and It’s Hilarious

SNL took on Fox News, but did so while also skewering the DNC’s golden girl: Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The cast launched into the Planned Parenthood undercover video controversy, and about the 3:00 mark, they introduced McKinnon as Wasserman Schultz on a remote feed.

Her nastiness was captured perfectly.

“It’s a pleasure to not be there in person,” she began.

“Do you really want to take on Planned Parenthood,” she sneered. “I will put all three of your heads in a mammogram machine and squish them like pancakes and serve them at our house.”

She concludes by saying, “We’re organized, we’re pissed and we’re all looking for a Pap smear.”

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