Written by Thomas Holmes on October 21, 2015

By Thomas Holmes

Just a few weeks after we posted a story about one black man who the crossed the line from an Obama lover to a Trump supporter, it’s always good to remember that black people like that guy are a ton more common then ‘ol Barry O or his media propaganda would like you to think. Case in point, everyone’s favorite local sheriff, David Clarke. You remember Sheriff Clarke; the guy who took on alleged Republican and confirmed dwarf, Michael Bloomberg and his “get rid of the 2nd Amendment” campaign.

Well, Sheriff Clarke had some similar opinions about the Kenyan in Chief at the NRA’s annual Leadership Forum earlier this year. In fact, he brings up a great point in the speech below about how the President angrily spits out the notion that American’s “cling to their guns and religion” whenever bad times come. To borrow Sheriff Clarke’s response: “Damn right Mr. President”.

It’s just another pitch perfect example of how America has a President that truly doesn’t understand the country he’s supposed to be serving when he thinks it a bad thing that we believe in faith and self protection- of course, Barack Hussein might grant some leniency towards faith it just weren’t that awful Christianity and instead something more, ahem peace loving. Ya know, like Islam.

Back to Sheriff Clarke and the growing number of black people like him. As much as it must simply infuriate the Prez to see powerful, intelligent African American like Clarke and Ben Carson destroy the liberal house of cards, it’s got to be that much more terrifying that men like them likely represent dozens, maybe hundreds of black people like our Trump booster. Regular African Americans like the rest of us who are waking up to not just the last eight years, but hopefully the last six decades of being steamrolled by part of the wrong.

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