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WHEN YOU CATER TO GAYS: Here’s What Happens When You Let Dudes Into Girls’ Showers

By Thomas Holmes

Man, it sure looks like I attended college in the wrong era. In what has to come as a surprise to nobody who doesn’t “self-identify” as a liberal brain donor, it appears the unqualified victory of the social tolerance Nazis now includes spying on naked women. According to the Huffington Post , the University of Toronto was so eager to appease the gay and anti-gender brigade, they created a “gender neutral” shower meant to remove any gender restrictions. Now, are you sitting down for this next part? Good. Some showering boys were caught filming some naked girls in the next stall! I know, who would have ever suspected something like that might happened at a university with a few thousands of hormone ravaged boys!

Wait a minute; I thought it was the Left who are were dedicated to protecting all the women from those mean old, misogynistic, conservative who hate women and love see them suffer? I mean, how could any group that would rather tell a woman to vomit or pee on a rapist instead of letting her protect herself with a gun possibly have anything but women’s best interests at heart?

Of course, the “Door Number Three” wing of the social leftists -as I prefer to call them- can pat themselves on the back for dragging the University of Toronto down this path. Thanks to them, people can no longer be just men or women; and we all have to deny our natural attraction to the opposite sex. My guess is, if it was guy sneaking a picture of another guy, the kid would be on the next flight to the White House and the university would be hosting a global seminar on why gay shower stalls are the key world peace.

Of course, given the ridiculously liberal fart bubbles so many of our colleges are sniffing up these days, it wouldn’t come as any shock that the U of T failed to learn something, ya’ know factual, like the basic human biology of the birds and bees.

Thomas Holmes

Thomas Holmes is a noteworthy writer who always lampoons the lunatic left with his viral posts.

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