WHY THE LEFT WINS: Introducing Gay Pride Rainbow Sidewalks In the South

Written by Paul Hair on October 13, 2015

Atlanta will repaint some of its sidewalks with rainbow colors in recognition of its annual “gay pride” festival, and this bold offensive in the South reveals why the left wins while the right always loses.

A reader of my Security and Culture Intelligencer website sent me a note about Atlanta temporarily painting some of its sidewalks with rainbow colors in honor of its annual celebration of perversion. Some might be outraged with the city doing this. But others are mad that the city isn’t making the defacement permanent.

An Atlanta group that seeks to promote diversity through public art is upset that the city will only allow temporary placement of a “rainbow” crosswalk at the corner of 10th St. and Piedmont Ave. rather than a permanent marking, Georgia Voice reported. . . .

The group’s president, Robert Sepulveda Jr., said in the statement: “This is a frustrating turn of events for all of us … Unfortunately, the only option now is to have them painted temporarily for Pride, enjoy them and continue to work with the city on a permanent solution.”

There is a reason I call leftists “autotheists.” They see themselves as gods and their priority is to convert people to their religion and conquer the earth.

Atlanta isn’t the only place in the South where the left is on the march. And contrary to boastful statements that the South will “never turn blue,” all current indications say it actually will succumb. In fact, the left is putting big money into making sure it will happen.

This is a microcosm of the larger war the left is fighting. It is always on the offensive while the right is always on the defensive. The left controls the North and the all major cities, and now it has its sights set on the rest of the U.S. Meanwhile, the right struggles to defend the remaining areas where it has some influence. Going on the offensive to take the North and major cities away from the left isn’t even a consideration.

And this difference in mindsets between the left and right is why the left always wins and the right always loses.

There are some people trying to change this and while there are a few positive signs from their effort (the battle to upend the GOP and conservative establishment is one such example) there is much more work to be done.

Attacking the gods ruling America might not be popular or easy, but it’s the only way for good to triumph over evil. Defense just won’t work. And getting people to understand this is the first step towards making this happen.

Image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/gazeronly/8574602449/

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Paul Hair
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