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Lunatic Chris Harper shot Cheyeanne Fitzgerald, 16, in the back while she was trying to run for her life during the massacre at Umpqua Community College. Although Cheyeanne remains critically ill as she waits to have her kidney and shrapnel removed at Mercy Medical Center in Roseburg, her health is beginning to improve.

As we all know by now, President Obama went on national television to tell us how it is time for him to take our weapons away — but not once did he mention any of the victims. None of the victims could have ‘been one of his kids,’ and he didn’t even bother to ask for prayers for the fallen victims and their families.

You would think that Cheyeanne’s family would be against weapons after what happened, but her brother, Jesse Fitzgerald, spoke out just outside of the hospital on behalf of his sister and family. “We’re pro second amendment, pro guns,” said Jesse. “My sister, my mother, my whole family are all in favor. We were talking about it in the hospital and none of us have changed our minds.”

Cheyeanne also said she would love to see more armed security guards around campus. I want to applaud this family for still believing in the second amendment and not being afraid to tell the American people. Today we need more families like the Fitzgeralds in America.


Dear Fitzgerald Family,

On behalf of the true American people, we want to thank you and stand behind you for standing up to our very own government that is currently trying to take our weapons away. We need to continue to stand up, fight for our natural and civil constitutional rights, and be trained in case this unfortunate event was to ever happen again. Remember, proper training replaces fear and hesitation.

Cheyeanne, may the Lord bless you. I wish you a speedy recovery.

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Omar Avila

Sgt. Omar Avila is a wounded warrior, fighter, motivational speaker, and U.S. Infantry Veteran. Follow Omar on: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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