Written by Omar Avila on October 6, 2015

I woke up to some outstanding news this morning: a student liberty group at the University of Missouri-Columbia is planning on burning an ISIS flag in the center of their campus this Thursday. The group is calling this movement a symbolic ceremony in response to the human rights violations by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

The MU-Young Americans for Liberty demonstration will include “a moment of silence for the 250,000 murdered by ISIS, followed by a brief speech and will conclude with burning the ISIS flag.” Ian Paris, 21, president of the Mizzou chapter of YAL and currently a senior studying political science, told The College Fix in a telephone interview on Monday that his group has reached out to other campus clubs – religious ones, political organizations, social justice advocacy groups and more – and many peers have expressed an interest in taking part.

We all know that ISIS is responsible for murdering millions of people because of religious persecution with beheadings and mass executions; they’ve used chemical weapons against innocent bystanders and committed sexual violence against both humans and defenseless goats.

I wonder, when the video footage of this ISIS flag burning goes viral, just like the other YouTube video that was used as a scapegoat for Benghazi and to prove the ‘innocence’ of Muslims, will terrorists get another free pass from President Obama to attack another embassy? Will Hilary Clinton stand in front of more Americans’ caskets and lie to the American people yet again?

Today I am a proud American because there is some hope for our future generation – a courageous group is finally standing up to the cowards who are terrorizing the world. Unfortunately, I’m unable to attend the event to support the cause, but I will do everything in my power to get a hold of an ISIS flag just so that I can burn it right here in Texas.

I would like to tell these students, great job. I salute you.


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