YAHTZEE! Democrat Jim Webb Leaves Democrat Race and BLASTS Hillary On His Way Out…

Prepare for an epic Hillary roast in 3…2…1. Boom.

American war hero and former Virginia Senator Jim Webb dropped out of the race for the Democratic nomination for President on Tuesday, during a speech in which he leveled a parting shot at challenger Hillary Clinton.

Webb, who earned the prestigious Navy Cross for his service in Vietnam, spoke about the importance of distinguishing real enemies from simple idealogical disagreements:

“The other party’s not the enemy. They’re the opposition.”

Webb’s remarks on enemies vs. opposition was likely in reference to Clinton’s response during the first Democratic primary debate, in which she listed Republicans as one of her foremost enemies, alongside “the drug companies” and “the Iranians.”

The lone veteran in the 2016 field, Webb also acknowledged his differences with the Democratic Party, which has seemingly embraced a self-avowed “Democratic Socialist” like Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Webb said:

“I fully accept that my views on many issues are not compatible with the power structure and the nominating base of the Democratic Party.”

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