12 REASONS WHY: Everyone Thinks Obama LOVES Islam More Than America & Our Allies

Published on November 17, 2015

Obama will leave behind a legacy in America – that’s for certain. Will it be a good legacy? No, it will be a legacy of bowing to our enemies.

  1. IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who spoke these words at an Islamic dinner – “I am one of you.”
  2. IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who on ABC News referenced – “My Muslim faith.”
  3. IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who gave $100 million in U.S. taxpayer funds to re-build foreign mosques.
  4. IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who wrote that in the event of a conflict -“I will stand with the Muslims.”
  5. IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who assured the Egyptian Foreign Minister that – “I am a Muslim.”
  6. IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who bowed in submission before the Saudi King.
  7. IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who sat for 20 years in a Liberation Theology Church condemning Christianity and professing Marxism.
  8. IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who exempted Muslims from penalties under Obamacare that the rest of us have to pay.
  9. IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who purposefully omitted – “endowed by our Creator” – from your recitation of The Declaration Of Independence.
  10. IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who mocked the Bible and Jesus Christ’s Sermon On The Mount while repeatedly referring to the ‘HOLY’ Quran.
  11. IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who traveled the Islamic world denigrating the United States Of America.
  12. IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who instantly threw the support of your administration behind the building of the Ground Zero Victory mosque overlooking the hallowed crater of the World Trade Center.

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