3 REASONS WHY EUROPE IS DOOMED Because Of The Islamic Invasion

Published on November 2, 2015

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Europe is doomed and it isn’t hard to see. With the amount of Muslim migrants that have been pouring in, there is no doubt that it will greatly change the face of the EU from here on out. Here are three reason from Col. Allen B. West on why exactly they are done for…

First, you have the economic threat because the economies of these nations are going to be hard-pressed to provide more social welfare programs for the participants in the stealth jihad of Al Hijra. Just look at England and other countries in Europe to see evidence of the increased social program spending.

And when you have instances where sharia practices are allowed, namely, multiple wives, then you have exploding families and birthrates far surpassing those of Europeans – which is something Steyn addressed. Europe already has very high personal income tax rates; imagine the rise as related to the need to increase social welfare services — which we know shall be demanded by the Muslim community. Isn’t it funny how Saudi Arabia hasn’t opened its doors to their brethren, but has volunteered to build hundreds of mosques in Europe?

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