AN ACTIVE SHOOTER: Is Shooting Cops & Others In Colorado Springs

Published on November 27, 2015

An active shooter in Colorado reportedly injured four officers and five civilians at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado. This is still a developing story.



(CNN)[Breaking news alert, posted at 9:05 p.m. ET Friday]

Three people — two civilians and one police officer — were killed in Friday’s shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado, police said.

Police captured the suspected gunman late Friday afternoon.

(CNN) [Breaking news update, posted at 7:05 p.m. ET Friday]

The mayor of Colorado Springs, Colorado, said on Twitter Friday that police have detained the suspected gunman accused of opening fire inside a Planned Parenthood facility there.

UPDATE via Breitbart:

Fox News Channel and The Gazette report witness accounts that claim the shooting at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic actually began at a nearby Chase Bank location. 

Fox News talked on-air to a witness at a nail salon near the Planned Parenthood clinic who “first thought [the incident] was a bank robbery.” Cell phone video captured by the witness appeared to show a Chase Bank branch as the first location where law enforcement moved in.

The witness said the suspect ran from the bank to the Planned Parenthood clinic.

The Gazette reported:

Denise Speller, manager at a nearby haircut salon, said she heard roughly 10-20 gunshots in the span of less than five minutes. She said she saw a police cruiser and two officers outside near Chase Bank, not far from the Planned Parenthood facility. One of the officers appeared to fall to the ground and the other office knelt down to render aid, then tried to get the officer to safety behind the car, she said. Another officer told Speller to seek shelter inside the building.

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According to the Daily Mail:

Police in Colorado Springs are in a shootout with what is believed to be one active shooter who opened fire at a Planned Parenthood clinic, injuring at least four officers and an at least five civilians.

A public information officer for the department sent out a tweet at 11.45am local time warning the public and members of the media the area around the family clinic ‘is NOT secure.’

A short time earlier, police officers and firefighters were called to 3480 Centennial Boulevard after getting 911 calls about shots fired.

‘The officers inside the building have encountered the individual. As of about a minute ago, they were exchanging gunfire with him,’ Lt. Catherine Buckley of the Colorado Springs Police Department.

CBS News reported that a gunman fired shots upon entering the clinic, which was guarded by security, and that law enforcement officials were concerned about the possibility explosives being involved.

At 2.15pm, the police department sent out a tweet reporting that officers on the scene were ‘encountering gunfire’ from a suspect.

Officials also confirmed that at least four officers were shot; some of the injured cops have been taken from the scene by ambulances, but police were still trying to reach the others.

One of the officers was reportedly hit in the hand. The extent of the injuries sustained by the others is unknown at this time.

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As this news breaks, the left has already jumped to the conclusion that the shooter was a ‘white Christian terrorist’, despite the fact that there are no facts about the shooter yet. Check it out…

But Twitter users already had the case solved.

“I see the ‘pro-life’ crowd is up to its usual,” wrote a social media user identified only as Dat Wags Tho.

The names connected to the comments only occasionally reflect a real identity. But Twitchy reported “Details are still emerging, but many tweeters aren’t hesitating to place blame.”

The comments all came before the reported standoff was ended.

“Hope they’re shooting the protesters,” wrote Slim Shady. “PP protests are annoying.”

Added kyle matteson, “Colorado Springs is harboring more terrorists than Syria. Sick that my birth place has become ground zero for right wing radicals.”

DR added, “Hey @GOP being pro-life and 2nd amendment means killing innocent people is OK right?”

Even though there was no confirmed connection to Planned Parenthood at the time, Lindsey wrote, “The irony in all of this is that the #PlannedParenthood shooter probably calls himself ‘pro-life.’”

Read more: WND

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