VIDEO: Asian Immigrant Shares Truth About Black Racists in ‘Safe Zone’ That Instantly Gets Her BOOED

Published on November 13, 2015

So much for ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’. These protestors won’t ever be satisfied and don’t actually care about the unity of all races. The only thing that they want is more division.

During a demonstration at California’s Claremont McKenna College, students silenced and embarrassed an Asian student who suggested that people should be viewed as individuals, and yes, even black people can be racist.

A “safe space” was set up by the students where “marginalized identities” would be free to tell their stories.

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Only things got uncomfortable for an Asian student who was met with groans and boos for her personal take on racism.

The student, who’d arrived in the United States five years ago, described an incident where an African American man harassed her for poor language skills. She explained that she was later comforted by a white woman.

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